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250ml Ink Refills V2

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$16.74 USD
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$24.99 USD
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$16.74 USD

*Shake Well Before Use*

Our new and improved Axe Throwing Target Marker Ink Refills (Version 2) are designed to take your axe throwing experience to new heights. With enhanced vibrancy and faster drying time, hitting the bullseye has never been easier!


We believe in transparency. Due to an oversight by the manufacturer, we received our Ink Refills V2 with slightly less ink than intended. Therefore, we have discounted the price to reflect this manufacturing error, offering you a great deal on a premium product.

Our Fastest Drying Ink Yet

No more waiting around for your marker ink to dry! Our Ink Refills V2 feature an improved formula that significantly reduces drying time. Now, you can mark your targets swiftly and confidently, ensuring that your lines stay crisp and clear. Spend less time waiting and more time honing your skills on the axe throwing range.

Enhanced Vibrancy

Our new and improved refills have been refill formulated to provide intense, eye-catching hues that stand out against any target. Whether you're a casual axe thrower or a seasoned pro, these vivid colors will make your targets pop, helping you aim with even greater precision.