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Axe Throwing Venue Starter Kit

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$2,199.99 USD
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$2,789.72 USD
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$2,199.99 USD
Are you an aspiring axe throwing business owner? Are you looking for all the throwing equipment you need? We've got you covered! The World Axe Throwing League has curated everything you need to have to get started throwing axes. From the axes themselves to the markers and stencil to set up all your PERFECT axe throwing targets in every lane.
  • 1 Target Builder Kit
  • 2 Black refillable ink, 1 Red & 1 Blue refillable ink
  • 3 Stencils
  • 1 Box of Patriot Big Axes
  • 1 Box of Competition Throwers
  • 1 Box of Killshots
  • FREE: Butcher Axe