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Roarockit Custom Axe Handle Kits

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Introducing Roarockit's Exclusive Axe Handle Kits with their premium 100% Canadian Hard Maple veneer and vacuum bag technology.

These kits, expertly designed with the help of Vin Crescenzo of Philly Axe Co., adhere to WATL® specifications for competitive axe throwing. Choose from three distinctive handle shapes – straight, curved, or Big Axe – all inspired by Vin's championship-winning designs. Thanks to Roarockit's superior materials and technology, you can laminate a custom handle with exceptional strength and durability, elevating your throwing game to new heights. Personalize your axe with up to 5 colored sheets per handle. Master the art of axe building with Roarockit's top-notch handle kits, available now!

Designed for Multiple Uses

The backer sheets, Thin Air Press Bag and pump, edging tool and flat breather netting are designed to be used for many, many builds.

Keep all your reusable kit parts in good working order by following the maintenance tips included with the kit.

Instructions Included

By following the printed instructions included in the kit box, you will be guided through the glue up, stacking the veneers between the backer sheets, inserting and sealing into the TAP bag. Using the manual vacuum pump to evacuate the air, the Thin Air Press will press the veneers. The sanding process is described.

Kit Descriptions:

Curved Handle Double Kit: Creates two custom curved hatchet handles (15.5" Long).

Straight Handle Double Kit: Creates two custom straight hatchet handles (19" Long).

Big Axe Double Kit: Creates two custom big axe handles (25.5" Long).

Throwing Axe Triple Kit: 
Creates one curved hatchet handle, one straight hatchet handle, and one big axe handle.

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Custom Throwing Axe Handle Kit

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