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Universal Axe Head Sheath

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$15.49 USD

Universal Fit

Ensure your WATL axes are always safely and securely stored with our universal axe sheath. Crafted specifically to accommodate the diverse range of axes offered by WATL, this sheath guarantees a snug fit for every model, providing ultimate protection whether you're storing or transporting your favorite axes.

Durable Material Options:

Choose between rugged nylon or classic leather to suit your preferences and needs. Our nylon sheath offers exceptional durability and resistance to wear and tear, perfect for outdoor adventures and rugged environments. Alternatively, opt for the timeless appeal and robustness of leather, adding a touch of traditional craftsmanship to your axe storage solution.

Convenient and Reliable:

Designed with convenience in mind, our universal axe sheath features easy-access openings and secure closures, ensuring hassle-free storage and retrieval of your axes whenever you need them.

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