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  • The Queen of Hearts Pro Competition Throwing Axe by World Axe Throwing League (WATL)
  • The Queen of Hearts Pro Competition Throwing Axe by World Axe Throwing League (WATL)
  • The Queen of Hearts Pro Competition Throwing Axe by World Axe Throwing League (WATL)
  • The Queen of Hearts Throwing Axe Flatlay
  • The Queen of Hearts Throwing Axe Head
  • The Queen of Hearts Throwing Axe Killshot
  • The Queen of Hearts Throwing Axe Blade
  • The Queen of Hearts Throwing Axe Round Handle
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The Queen of Hearts PRO Throwing Axe

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$189.99 USD
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$189.99 USD


Our ultra-thin profiled blades help you stick the axe to the board every time. No more worrying about your arm strength!


Ready to throw out of the box! Stop wasting time sharpening hardware store hatchets and camping axes, WATL axes are built for throwing.


Our straight 17" handles mean an easy release and more consistency. Stop guessing where your throw is going!


We've developed these axes specifically to keep up with skill of the professionals. Our Pro Line of axes are reminiscent of our Generation 1 Ace of Spades, which had an extremely thin blade profile. If you're a beginner, we don't recommend this axe for you. The thinner blade profile of our Pro Line axes aims to allow for easier sticking, but may not be suitable for inexperienced throwers.

Please Note:

If there are any deficiencies with your Pro Line axe, please do not throw the axe or use it. Contact WATL immediately and send pictures of any issues that may have occurred during shipping. Similar to our standard policy, once an axe is thrown, we will not be able to offer an exchange or refund for any reason.


Many of the top throwers in the world throw and praise our Generation 1 Ace of Spades. For the first time ever, on a limited inventory basis, we are bringing the same profile as the Gen 1 Ace for our Professional Line of axes.

Due to the extremely thin blade profile, we must warn throwers that bending of the blade may occur on a small percentage of the axes, similar to the Gen 1 Ace of Spades.


Our throwing axe lineup has been designed specifically with throwing in mind. We’ve done away with the wedge shape of hardware store axes to create an ultra-thin profiled blade developed specifically to stick in the target. 


The Queen of Hearts features a straight 17" handle developed with the aim to ensure a consistent and easy release when throwing. Additionally, this design allows for customization of the handle length if you prefer a shorter handle to better suit your throwing technique.


All of our Pro Line axes are taken through an additional process after manufacturing where they are professionally profiled and sharpened to create the thinnest blade possible. For this reason there will be slight variations in head weight.


  • Head: 1045 Carbon Steel
  • Handle: American Hickory
  • Blade Finish: Brushed Steel
  • Handle Finish: Clearcoat Varnish
  • Handle Length: 17 in
  • Approx. Blade Length: 3.98 in
  • Approx. Head Weight:  ≈ 1.60 lbs
  • Approx. Total Weight: 2.06 lbs
  • Sheath Included: Yes
  • Please note: These measurements are approximations and differences may be present due to the manufacturing process.

    Please note: Shipments to the UK & countries outside of North America may have local import duties/taxes charged on purchases.